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Shilpa Chakrapani to follow his brother..?

  • June 13, 2017 | UPDATED 10:43 IST Views: 648

Shilpa Chakrapani to follow his brother..?

Decided to step out of TDP

The recent developments happened in Telugu Desam are raising several doubts among the public as well as TDP, leaders and cadre in Telugu Desham.

Senior leader,  Silpa Mohan Reddy had stepped out of TDP and going to join YSRCP on 14 of this month and thousands of his supporters also will follow him. Actually Mohan Reddy has been expecting the MLA ticket to contest in by polls to be held at Nandyala because of the demise of Bhuma Nagireddy. But the Chief Minister N.Chandrababu Naidu has not responded in positive manner towards Mohan Reddy and it has irked him and inevitably he walked out of the party. Now his brother, MLC Chakrapani Reddy also reportedly planning to quit the party and join   YSRCP along with his brother. Actually Naidu has assured him to be made as the Chairman of AP legislative council but now Naidu has changed his option and Sharif name is floated on the screen for the same post. Now Chakrapani Reddy came to understand that Naidu has betrayed them.

The both Mohan Reddy, Chakrapani Reddy have contested from Nandyala and Srisailam constituencies on behalf of TDP and were defeated by YSRCP candidates. Later Naidu has appointed Chakrapani Reddy as the district president of the party of Karnool district and the brothers become happy with the decision and thought that they can rule the entire district.

But interestingly Naidu has encouraged the migrations from YSRCP and as a part of it the MLAs of Allagadda and Nandyala Bhuma Akhila Priya and Nagireddy had joined TDP.The migrations from YSRCP have washed away the dreams of Shilpa brothers as they have political rivalry with Bhuma family. Later Bhuma Nagireddy was died and Akhila Priya was made minister.Any how later Naidu had assured the Shilpa brothers to give top priority in the party and Chakrapani Reddy would be appointed as chairman of legislative council.

But now again Naidu has twisted his tongue and again Shilpa brothers were betrayed by Naidu as he had denied ticket to Mohan Reddy to contest from Nandayala and his brother Chakrapani Reddy also was denied chairman of the council. Now Naidu assured the same post to Shariff to woo the Muslim community.Now the Shilpa Mohan Reddy has taken a step to join YSRCP and as per information his brother, Chakrapani Reddy is reportedly will follow his brother and join in the same party. All these consequences say that leaders of TDP are not happy with the attitude of Naidu and just waiting for a chance or assurance from YS Jaganmohan Reddy to join the party for their better political future.