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Postponement, remedy for all problems

  • June 15, 2017 | UPDATED 10:36 IST Views: 454

Postponement, remedy for all problems

Naidu maintains suspense to bring the situations under control

Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh N.Chandrababu Naidu has been using a magic stick to bring the unwanted situations under his controll and to manage the leaders who are frequently raising their voice against his attitude.  He has been using the magic power for the past few years to minimize the displeasure of the leaders and to bring them under his control.

The name of the magic stick is ‘postponement’ and another panacea is ‘same offer, assurance to every leader’.  Naidu has been offering the MLC seat for more than 20 leaders all over AP and at the same time he has assured nominated posts like RTC chairman, Chairmanship of TTD to many more.

Naidu just identifies the leaders, who are unhappy, expressing their displeasure over him and simply calls them to his chamber and consoles with false promises like offering of MLC ticket or other posts.  This is the only Mantra Danda he is using to woo the leaders of Telugu Desam Party.  After assuming charge in 2014 Naidu announced that he would not give MLC seats for the leaders who were defeated in the recent elections and the leaders who could not get the MLA tickets would be considered for the posts of MLC but Naidu has skipped the promise and simply offered MLC tickets to the leaders like Payyavula Keshav, Gali Muddukrishnam Naidu, S.Vijayarama Raju, Kanaram Balaram, Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy, G.Sandhya Rani. All these were defeatred in the elections but they got blessings from Chandrababu and got MLC seats, enjoying power. This  unlawful policy made some leaders irk for not getting either MLA seat or MLC seat.

Now again the Chief Minister using the same trick to control the agony of the leaders and offering MLC seat in the next spell.  Interestingly the AP legislative council has only two vacancies as the tenure of Chairman of the council Chakrapani and another member Reddapp Reddy was completed by 31 May. Now the government can inductr only two persons to the council but the list of the aspirants would be 100 kilometers long and Naidu is not in a position to select one of the best candidates among them. Already around 25 leaders from all over the state were assured by Naidu to induct into council. NMD Farooq, Rama Subba Reddy of Kadapa, one of the Anam Brothers from Nellore were strongly assured by CM. Dalit leaders from CRDA region, one more senior leader from East Godavari and some NGO leaders also expecting the same and they were assured by the CM for the past few years. Some of the leaders like Rayapati Sambasiva Rao, Murali Mohan are expecting the Chairman ship of TTD and waiting for the call from the CM. How if the government fill the two vacancies in legislative council, another four vacancies would be there by March 2019, just before the general elections. But the roomers are being spread that AP state would go for early polls. If the government go for early polls the four vacancies would not be filled. But Naidu is keep on maintaining the suspense in some issues to maintain discipling in the party and not to raise their voices against the government and on his leadership too.