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Nandyala becomes acid test for Naidu

  • June 17, 2017 | UPDATED 10:43 IST Views: 983

Nandyala becomes acid test for Naidu

Most of the leaders walked out with Shilpa

Plans to stabilize the situation there

After the exit of Shilpa Mohan Reddy from Telugu Desam Party, Chief Minister N.Chandrababu Naidu is literally land in a soup and its difficult to steer the party from out of control  in Nandyala of Karnool district.  The Telugu Desam become paralyzed  after the exit of Mohan Reddy as most of the leaders walked out along with Mohan Reddy and joined YSRCP. Naidu and other leaders of Karnool are seriously focusing into this issue and taken the damage control steps but it seems that their attempts may not bring positive results.

Actually after the announcement of Mohan Reddy’s resignation to TDP, the leaders of Karnool have organized a meet on Tuesday at Nandyal to keep the cadre with the party but very less leaders have participated in the meet. Muncipal Chairperson Sulochana, large number of MPTC, ZPTCs, Surpanches, even municipal councellors also followed Shilpa Mohan Reddy and joined YSRCP.

Naidu seriously tried to stop the cadre from joining YSRCP and organized a meet in the leadership of A.V.Subba Reddy and minister Kaluva Srinivasulu. But very few cadre have participated in the meet and expressed their loyalty to the party. Leaders like Farooq and others have skipped the meet organized by TDP and it seems that they also will leave TDP and join YSRCP with in few days.

Shilpa Chakrapani Reddy, MLC and district president of TDP who is also brother of Mohan Reddy is in Kerala for his treatment and he may come within few days. He was assured to be made as Chairman of Legeslative council by Chandrababu Naidu long back and so far its being not realized. So the people who are keenly observing the Karnool politics are expecting that Chakrapani Reddy also will follow his brother Mohan Reddy and join YSRCP.

Now the leaders of TDP are trying to woo Farooq to save him from exiting . But it seems that he is not in a position to believe the promises of Naidu as he was betrayed several times and now he is demanding  MLA ticket for Nandyala  by polls. Now the leaders of TDP are not in a position to protect him from migration. After groping     all these consequences, the high command of Telugu Desam is landed in dilemma like situation and even they don’t have any idea, source to save the party in Nandyala. Apart from this they are suspecting that the same femamenon will be a raised the other constituencies and the second level cadre will be walked out of TDP. Now Naidu is seriously trying to brought the situation under control with his master mind.