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Modi Ji Will You Spare The BJP Minister’s Corruption?

  • July 27, 2017 | UPDATED 17:52 IST Views: 972

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and NDA government is acting strong on corruption. The government is taking  every measure to curb corruption at its root levels. Leaders who are accused of corruption charges both within the party and leaders from other parties will have to face some difficult times. When it comes to the state of Andhra Pradesh there have been allegations on Minister for Health Mr. Kamineni Srinivas Rao for quiet sometime. Sources revealed that the allegations have been carried to the party boss Mr. Amith Shah. It is said that Mr. Kamineni had worked in the interest of Chief Minister Mr. Chandra Babu naidu and not on the for the party.  With this the BJP high command had put a secret eye on Mr. kamineni.

BJP high command is acting strict on minister Kamineni. There are allegations which were brought to the notice of the high command that in the name of medical services, Mr. Rao had worked in the interest of few senior leaders in the government and had diverted the central and state funds.He also made sure that all the contract works were allocated to his besties. In this backdrop the BJP high command stood stubbon to nail Mr. Kamineni. The AP health minister had given the contract works of conducting medical tests to Medall company . This Medol company belongs to a person’s friend who holds a good post in the government. This company has setup 1156 primary health centres, 192 community health centres,31  district health centres across the state. All the blood tests and other tests are being conducted by this private company Medol. This project was started on a pilot basis first in Hindupur and then the governmen extended the contract to the whole state. Allegations are making rounds that there huge scam was involved  in this project.


G.O.Ms.No. 17 Dated 19.02.2015


There are few hidden facts as why this herculious project was handed over to Medol company. According to the Medical and health  department , the GO that was issued in October last year clearly says under the direction of National Health Mission a private partnership is required for conducting medical tests in all primary health centres, community health centres and district health centres. The government felt that the services offered in government hospitals are not up to the mark and decided to involve private companies. Government bore the price of equipment and building while it handed over the services to private company i.e Medol which has its head quarters at Chennai. The contract that was made with Medol was that the Government will have to pay Rs.235 for each sample. According to reports, the company had stepped on the wrong path by forcing the PHC doctor to write as many tests as possible for a patient and that he would be awarded Rs.10 for each sample.  This wrong doing came to the notice of the Health and Medical department but to ones pain, it ignored. This scam ran for three years by Medol company and each year it made Rs.120 crore profit from illegal ways.


G.O.RT.No. 633 Dated 14.10.2015


After carefully studying, the fact is that the amount that is actually being spent for the samples is not even 50 percent out of the total Rs.120 crore. News is making rounds that Minister Mr. Kamineni and other important officials were given bribe by the Medol company. This is the reason why the minister had not taken any stringent action on this company after he recieving many complaints on the company.

Sources say that Complaints that the Minister was directly or indirectly involved in the scam piled up infront of the BJP high command. There were also complaints on Mr. Kamineni that the minister is working in favor of the TDP government leaving behind the party’s interest. It is said that few complaints on the senior leader Venkaiah naidu was brought to the attention of the BJP high command which resulted in the removal of Mr. Naidu from the cabinet and was offered the Vice President post that he was forced to accept. In this case will the high command spare Mr. Kamineni who is a BJP minister in TDP government…? What action will Modi-Shah pair take on Kamineni is now what has turned out to be interesting.