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Lokesh-Raj Reddy-Quid-Pro-Quo…?

  • July 25, 2017 | UPDATED 09:49 IST Views: 539
Lokesh offers Drone Manufacturing Factory contract to Raj Reddy On Quid Pro Quo basis
Andhra Pradesh minister fot IT&Panchayat Raj Mr. Lokesh Nara met a proffesor RajiReddy who is from Carnegie Mellon University. After the meeting, Mr. Lokesh had no hesitation to say that Mr. Raji Reddy had extended his support to set up a drone manufacturing factory in AP according to close sources. But the question that is being raised here is that why has the young minister asked Mr. Raji Reddy’s support in setting up the Drone factory. Who is Mr. Raji Reddy and Why did  Lokesh Nara approach him? To know this one has to go to the roots of the 90’s politics.
Those were the days when the present Chief Minister of Andhrapradesh Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu was the NDA convener and turned out to be a crucial person in the national politics. When dad was busy with politics son Mr. Lokesh Nara was busy with studies and completed hid under graduation or plus two. Lokesh was not so good at studies, he only managed to pass in the exam. Like every father, Lokesh’s dad the then Chief Minister of united AP Chandrababu thought of sending his son for higher studies and he opted Carnegie Mellon university . But getting admission into that university is very difficult for a student with average academic record. But this came true in Lokesh’s case who had an average academic track record.
Mr. Chandrababu who knew two proffesors in that very University paved way for Lokesh’s admission. But this din’t happen at free of cost… Mr. Naidu promised the proffesors that he would fulfill or honor them in future if they wanted something from Chandra Babu’s side. In those days that is from 1998-2001 when Mr. Naidu was the Chief Minister of United AP and the Nda convener misused his powers for the sake of Losesh’s seat in Carnegie Mellon University. The then Babu sarkar had signed Mou’s with the fake company’s from America which never existed in reality. The firm which came forward to set up its unit in India required permissions from the central Telecom department.  By then there was no clear cut picture or policy on the allocation of internet spectrum to the telecom department.
In those days news made rounds that Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu who was the Chief Minister in 1998 approached the two proffesors i.e Dr. Arunachalam and Dr. Raj Reddy of Carnegie Mellon University and forced them to set up a company and the MoU were made ready.The RSS had opposed the MoU. The reason that was cited by RSS in this regard was that the servers were handled by America and that if the data was transferred online… all the Government data would be captured by America.This Whole story was also published in the one of the leading magazines The Front line. After this stroy creating a big mess Mr. Chandrababu wrote a letter to the then Prime Minister Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee in May,2000. He Questioned the Prime Minister as why the project was not given the permission and also brought pressure on Vajpayee, asking him to grant all the permissions that were required.Since BJP had very less majority in the house and that it was dependent on TDP government, the Vajpayee government gave a nod to to the project recommended by Mr.Chandrababu. This entire episode was published by India Today in those days that made everybody think.
Allegations on Sankhya Vahini Scam
The Sankya Vahini scam in those days also shook the government.  With communists knocking the court door the scam came into light. Many leaders demanded an enquiry on this scam and brought pressure on the government. News made rounds that Mr. Venkaiah Naidu who was a Union Minister in Vajpayee’s cabinet supported Mr. Chandra babu on this issue and manipulated this issue of being investigated. But the leading magazines like India Today and leading daily The Hindu in their investigation have found that the agreement was a false one. The government failed to set up an enquiry commission as it was not on a majority side and required the TDP oxygen to hold its position at Centre. With this the Sankhya Vahini scam came to an end.
Here is the Quid pro quo
Though thhe agreement was cancelled for the fake firm set up professor Raj Reddy and Dr. Arunachalam… but still Lokesh was given the admission into the Carnegie Mellon University. Internal leaders in TDP talk about Raj Reddy even today that Lokesh was given accomodation in Raj Reddy’s house while he was a student at Carnegie Mellon University. Keeping this in mind… the Young Minister Mr. Lokesh had honoured Proffesor Dr. Raj reddy by giving the Drones Maufaturing factory  contract. Inspite of many allegations that poured out on Rajreddy  during the late 90’s, he being offered this drones Manufacturing contract is being opposed by the own party leaders and infact they are expressing their anger on Chandra Babu near their close aides.