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The lies that CBN wants people to believe People of Andhra Pradesh

  • April 1, 2017 | UPDATED 08:03 IST Views: 1052

The lies that CBN wants people to believe People of Andhra Pradesh

The lies that CBN wants people to believe People of Andhra Pradesh have been rather forced to listen to several lies from the past two-and-a-half years or so. Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu and his colleagues in the Cabinet and in the party too repeat them to convert a bunch of lies into hard facts. He and his colleagues have been campaigning intensively at every given opportunity to make people believe their lies. Let me share what are those lies, at least some important ones that CBN and his team have been trying to induct into the minds as facts. 

1. He developed Hyderabad 

You need to believe it or rather CBN wants people to believe. He leaves no opportunity to claim it and want people to record it. Hyderabad has a long history. No city is built in a day. But, as Chief Minister between 1995 and 2004, he was instrumental in building a few flyovers. A post man delivers a beautiful employment offer letter to a man and claims that he is responsible for the great life that the man is enjoying. So is CBN. The Hitech City in Madhapur, which he claims as his brain child was the plan of then Chief Minister Nedurumalli Janaradhana Reddy, who had acquired some lands and planned for IT city. Ironically CBN and his colleagues have opposed Janardhana Reddy’s move and called him a land grabber. 

2. He is God of technology 

People must believe that CBN is the one who brought technology to AP. The making of number of engineering graduates and the use of mobile phone by the people are all his contribution. Forget what Sam Pitroda did to the nation. Also forget how CBN and his party went to the High Court against opening of more engineering colleges in the private sector by, again Nedurumalli Janardhana Reddy. Don’t ever try to remember that it was CBN and his team who called Janardhana Reddy as Dhanarjana Reddy. Trust CBN that he is responsible for the growth. The field of IT and all electronic gadgets, mostly mobile phones, must be named of CBN. 

3. Pattiseema River

Don’t think that rivers and hills are created by nature. CBN can do so. He created the Pattiseema River, the first ever river created by a human being anywhere in the world. Godavari water, before Polavaram project is completed, is brought to Krishna River through Pattiseema lift irrigation project. No matter if the canal through which the water flows was the work of the then Chief Minister Y S Rajasekhar Reddy. Don’t ask why Pattiseema Project was inaugurated twice and why it breached twice. Well, the breaching of canal (River) can be attributed to the Opposition. And remember to celebrate that the Godavari water had saved the agriculture in Krishna delta and turned the drought-prone Rayalaseema into blue/green zone. What all the natural rivers in the State could not do for all these years was done by the CBN created Pattiseema River. There is no drought in AP henceforth, people must believe it. 

4. Amaravati

All time record CBN named it and is all set to build the new capital even better than Lord Indra. This city will be global destination and one of the top 10 international cities in future. People must believe it. Farmers, as CBN tells people, have given their fertile lands voluntarily to the government to build the new city. Don’t ask why so many police outposts, so many revenue officers, officers of RDO rank camping in every village for the past two-and-a-half years. It is all voluntary contribution by the farmers. And believe again, these farmers are going to be the first citizens of the new capital (to be thrown out shortly). CBN always believes that farmers should not waste their time struggling in puddle rather than sit in AC room. In fact, CBN had relieved the farmers and farm labourers of 29 villages from the hardest lives of laboring in the farmlands and dirtying their hands. Today, look at the people in those 29 villages. People are found in clean hands, new cloths and many more. 

5. Honesty

Thy name is CBN In the era of corrupt politics, people must see CBN as synonym to honesty in his words and deeds. Don’t ask why he has gone back on the promise (among others) of special category status for 15 years. Don’t ever ask how he handles every election, right from the first by-election at Vuyyuru in Krishna district as CM where he posted one minister and one senior leader in charge for every village. Don’t ask what is Cash for Vote scam that had made him to move out of Hyderabad even after he declared that he would stay in the capital for next 10 years. In the midst of all demons in politics, people must find the God only in CBN. 

6. Development

Possible only with CBN Trust him, CBN is the only leader who can develop the State. 

Look at river Krishna. He had cleaned the river from Prakasam Barrage to Ibrahimpatnam removing all those poor living there for years together. This is going to be international tourist place bringing global tourists and loads of foreign exchange. But, please don’t look at the other side of the river where CBN lives and the rich have guest houses. Don’t ask why they can live on the river bank and not the poor. Such questions are devils work. Remember AP has 13 districts, but is set to have 14 airports, five of them international. The day is not too far, if CBN continues in power, when the lowest paid domestic maid shuttles in the flight using the airports. We have already achieved double digit growth and AP is the only State in the country with double digit growth. Don’t ask what happened to the huge revenue deficit. Be careful and not to listen to Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu who speaks about the financial crisis in the State.