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Fake MoUs…a big fraud

  • May 24, 2017 | UPDATED 16:32 IST Views: 3507

Fake MOUs…a big fraud

Chief Minister N.Chandrababu Naidu, who has been visiting various countries frequently on the name of inviting investments to Andhra Pradesh and to see the designs of various cities but so far none of the institution, was established here. But on the other side the media, which is working for Naidu is misguiding the mind sets of people by publishing, broadcasting the fake news for the past 3 years. It seems that the tours of Naidu is a farce and there might be some hidden agendas and some experts are suspecting that he is visiting those countries for his personal benefit but not for the welfare of the AP state.

Now lets discuss the secrets behind the tours and what happened there.

Recently the AP government has released a G.O.RT.No.976  with the list of some VIPs to visit  California, San Jose, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington  DC, Newyork, New jersey. As per the list in the G.O. Naidu, Lokesh, Chief Secretary S.P.Thakkar and some other 14 were about to travel to those cities to attract investments to AP. But later the government  released an another G.O with revised list in which Lokiesh and Thakkar were excluded.

As per the list given  by the AP government the city Dallas was not in the official tour program and Naidu is visiting the city as a president of TDP party. Dallas was the purely a party program. So the tour was not mentioned in the official tour list and some expenditure was saved.

But interestingly Naidu has raised the investments issue here and not a single US based company had participated here and simply some persons, who are henchmen for TDP leaders have participated here and just signed on some documents and later it was publicized by the Yellow Media as the program was grand success and thousands of crores of funds are likely to be dumped here as investments and lakhs of youth will be employed. After conclusion of the program we can understand that the event at Dallas was organized only to benefit the companies of TDP supporters.

The event management of  at Dallas was given to APNRT which was owned by Vemuri Ravi Chowdary, a close friend to Lokesh. Some other entrepreneurs  at USA have alleged that Vemuri Ravi is managing the government with the support of Lokesh to get lands and sites at Amaravathi for lowest price on the name of NRI investor and some of the leaders belongs to NRI wing have complained to USA government on this malpractices. They have planned to stage Dharna in-front of Naidu and even to question them. But the information was leaked before and Lokesh was excluded from the list to escape from the protests there. But the Andhra Jyothi, which is kith and kin to Naidu has cooked a story and published that the sympathizers of YSRCP have disturbed the program and damaged the reputation AP internationally.


Following the petition lodged by the NRIs, who are against to Vemuri Ravi, the American Police have raided the companies which were formed only to grab the lands at Amarvathi and seized some documents and labeled that these are fake firms. Later the  opponent group of Ravi have participated in the program and signed in more MOUs than Ravi signed in. Later the both groups have slung mud on each other on social media and alleged each other.


Big scandal behind the MOUs and govt sops



The AP government has been utilizing its henchmen and the media houses by simply spreading fake news and misguiding the public that Naidu is busy with the developing AP and lakhs of crores of funds from various counties were dumped and lakhs of youth will get jobs. The media houses have been broadcasting that AP government has signed the MOUs with various firms worth of Rs.10Lakh crores.


Later the government has released GO.MS.No.1, G.O.RT.No.30 and mentioned the list of sops to be given to the Software firms as below.

G.O.MS.No.3 dated – 16.03.2016
GO.Ms.No.13 dated – 11.08.2014
GO.Ms.No.16. dated – 09.09.2014

  1. The government will pay to the company Rs.1.75 Lakhs per each employement to be provided through the firm.

Example: If a company is proposed to provide 10 jobs, the government will pay Rs.17.5 Lakh per annum as compensation.

  1. The government will give one acre of land at free of cost if it proposed to provide 100 jobs. As per norms framed by the govt, the company should complete its construction with in 3 years and give 100 jobs.

If the company is being oprated in a rented accomadation the govt pay Rs.10 Lakhs and it will get Rsa.15 Lakh per annum towards expenditure of internet connectivity and other infrastructure.

  1. All the companies will get the power at cheaper price @1 per each unit.
  2. If the company files a patent rights, it would get Rs.5 Lakh as incentive.

5 . The government will give Rs.10K per each employee for skill development and training.

  1. Complete waiver or electricity duty.
  2. stamp duty and registration fee also will be completely waived.
  3. All the soft ware companies will be given the loan of Rs.1 Crore with the interest of 3 percent.
  4. Ten percent of the amount will be paid by the government on the investment of Capital, investment subsidy (Building plan/ Machinary)

11 .  Vat, CST,GST and other taxes will be waived completely.


The experts and analysts say that the companies which were announced by the government are being launching only to grab the sops and incentives from the government.

The fake investors are simply registering a company and exhibiting an office room and some computers and poses like CEOs, MDs. Members of the board will be only the family members of the proprietor and they submit some fake documents and employee roll sheets to the labor department and simply getting the incentives from the government.

Based on the relation with Lokesh and other big wigs in the government , all these fake companies are getting incentives and filling their jobs with public money.

The AP government has taken the loan of Rs.70,000 crores in the past few three years but so far not even a single rupee was spent for the goodness of the AP state. All the funds are being transferred into the pockets of fake companies on the name of MOUs.